Having my bike set up properly is a revelation, free power and a much comfier ride from the same bike. If you're thinking of going retul don't bother, Adrian is obviously massively knowledgeable and very humble. I've also found the footbeds that come as part of the bike fit have got rid of all the hot spots that were building up in my shoes after a few hours of riding.
Highly recommended and worth the wait.


BIKE FITTING FEEDBACK - Best money spent

By far the best money you will ever spend on cycling, no cameras, no computers just experience, thanks Adrian for your patience and putting up me over the last few years, hope everything works out well, I’m sure it will, no doubt see you soon.


BIKE FITTING FEEDBACK - Thorough and informative

Went back to Adrian last week for a bike fit on my TT bike, I had previously had a fit for my road bike earlier in the year. I must say Adrian was very thorough and informative on both occasions and I would definitely recommend him. I noticed a considerable difference on my road bike on the months that followed my fit.



WOW! Many thanks for the set up. I managed to get out for an hour yesterday and I am very impressed with the increase in power delivery and the increased stability on the bike. The difference is like night and day.
I did get a little discomfort with my sit bones, but that will go once my body has adjusted to the new configuration I guess.
Thanks also for the tips and advice, it was much appreciated and very welcome.
Brilliant job and I have already recommended you to everyone in our fledgling cycling group/club, so I expect you will be getting a few more enquiries.
Thanks again
Best regards,

BIKEFITTING FEEDBACK - Age Group European Championships WIN

Dear Adrian,
Many thanks for the bike fit on my TT bike last month. Last weekend I raced at the Age Group European Championships and won my age category!
It was a close race and I biked my way back into contention before taking the lead towards the end of the run, winning by 4 seconds.
Given this close margin I am sure that the bike fit and the pointers to make sure I was holding the most aerodynamic shape made all the difference, so wanted to get in touch to say thanks!
I am now looking to build on this result and go to the Age Group World Championships in Lausanne in 2019, as well as working on my swim to make the step up to be at the sharp end of domestic elite drafting races. 
Many Thanks,

BIKEFITTING FEEDBACK - I wish I had had this a few years ago.

Hi Adrian
Just a note to thank you for the fit last month. I've been up in the Lake
District and Yorkshire Moors and must say the difference you have made to
my position has been great. It took a few rides to get fully adjusted but
now I'm really benefitting from the new set up. The power to leg ratio (as
you said) has been a major factor and there are no muscle issue or after
ride aches. The same with my lower back.
I wish I had had this a few years ago.
Thanks again for this and I will continue to recommend you to others.

BIKEFITTING FEEDBACK - Comfort and Performance Assured – A Successful Outcome

Comfort and Performance Assured – A Successful Outcome

Made a round trip of 330 miles for a road bike fit with Adrian. I chose Cadence Sport because of subscriber recommendations on Bike Radar and I liked what I saw on the Cadence Sport website. My main reason was that I wanted to improve my chances in the Etape du Tour, only one month away, and I had medical investigations, in a delicate gentlemen’s area, scheduled just 12 days before the event. My previous bike fit had been an Apex Performance Bike Fit three years before with no follow up to any of my subsequent changes.
Easy to book the fit session with Adrian took place exactly as shown on the website. A check on experience and motivation first, then measurements and over to the turbo with Zwift on screen to warm up followed by adjustments being made by Adrian over the next 90 mins or so.  I had never been really comfortable with my bike’s front end and was pleased that Adrian saw this as being key to comfortable position.
I wo…

BIKEFITTING FEEDBACK - Comfortable and rewarding

Hi Adrian 

I just wanted to feedback my thanks for all the improvements you made to me and my bike following my fit on the 23rd June. 
You know most of what I am going to say already but here goes anyway: 
My riding is now more comfortable and rewarding and just feels right, previously I was loosing power due to poor set up (around  20%  you considered),  my speeds and effort levels over similar routes since have shown this to be correct with corresponding   improvement in speed and estimated power increases. 
I now practice  daily my single leg squats where I was unstable I am now not.  I  have relaxed my shoulders and no longer ride with my arms locked but rising with effort.  I  have tucked my fingers around brakes I am pushing with my feet and concentrating on this (no toe curling) I am spinning my higher gears  and stopping in them longer by standing especially after bends junctions etc.  (You taught me to do this without trying by making me spin the pedals standing up before sit…


My personal view of @GoZwift, not everyone has time to train in the real world due to family/work commitments or they may live in the city where a lot of time is wasted just getting to a trainable road of any length, this is where @GoZwift comes in, allowing you to fit in the minimum effective training time and consistency around those commitments whatever you’re training for, any time of day, whether it’s just to keep fit or get fit, but can be used for almost all or part of your training for real world goals whether that’s a race (even World Tour races), a week in the mountains, a trip to Majorca or the next 200km sportive. Zwift routes, rides, races and workouts can be used and adapted to suit any rider and goal. If you need advice on how best to make the best of Zwift for your own personal goals get in touch.

BIKEFITTING FEEDBACK - 'When something is right you don't notice, it just works'


Hope you're well.

I've finally got round to some bike fit feedback:

"With the Dirty Reiver fast approaching and unable to ride for more than
three hours comfortably it was time to consult an expert!

Post bike fit the improvement was instant; not only pain free riding but
much improved bike handling so with some big rides under my belt the day

One BIG Lap, Stage One, The Mountains.

Stage 0ne, The Mountains. Even taking into the early start, it was cold, the coldest day since we arrived, and no sign of a nice sunrise over the bay with the cloud so low and dark. Setting off with gloves, knee and arm warmers was definitely a good move. The cap and gilet worked well too, and there was still the cape in my pocket if the forecast’s small chance of rain made a show. The forecast had also said, however, that the sun would come out around lunch time with the south westerly wind picking up at the same time. I hoped that would mean the full looking clouds would have blown over before I got to the mountains as I really didn’t fancy getting stuck up one all cold and wet.
The road to Old Town Pollenca was busy with work traffic and, unsurprisingly for the daft, cold hour, there was no sign of any riders. The wind was only light and I hoped I’d manage the long mountain stretch to Andtrax before it changed. From there, the mountains would actually shelter me much of the way so al…
One BIG Lap
The Prologue: the decision and the training
Before I start I'd like to say a really big thank you to Pinarello Experience and The Bike Rooms in Puerto de Pollenca for the hire F10 that I was about to spend almost half a day in the saddle on and their on going support, it means a lot. 

There was no plan to do a lap of the island before leaving for Majorca. The actual plan was a two week family holiday with a bit of cycling squeezed in either the early in the mornings or late afternoons – handful longer rides in the mountains if I was lucky. However, after completing an eight hour (200km) ride entirely in the mountains on the Thursday, a really daft thought came into my head: why not do the classic 312 lap of the island? Yep, really daft. Really, really daft. But after a couple of glasses of Rioja, I voiced my question to Nicola; and maybe because she’s dafter even than I am, or maybe because she wanted a girly shopping trip in Palma with Mollie (and my credit card), her an…