Pedal stack height

Image  Below is a list of pedals and their stack height, centre of spindle to the top of the cleat, almost all are the manufacturers stated stack heights. Shimano Dura Ace Shimano 105 Look Blade Look 2 Max Wahoo Speedplay Assioma Garmin Rally


TRAINING - FTP TEST, STANDING OR SEATED OR BOTH? I’ve just watched someone do an indoor FTP test on YouTube, as he tired and the power dropped he’d get out of the saddle for a while using body weight to lift the power back up, then he’d sit down again the power would drop as he’d then have to just use leg and glutes to produce power, then he’d back up again etc etc to me this over inflates the FTP result, which may not be a problem if you plan on doing specific workouts in an d out of the saddle, but if you are going to do specific workouts for let’s say TT’s you will need to stay seated for the test because that is the position you will race and train in. I think it is also important if you plan on retesting you’re FTP over the next few months, to keep things the same for each test stay seated and use a gear that allows you to do that. In theory you could do the whole FTP test out of the saddle, this will over inflate your actual seated FTP as you use body weight to go through the


TRAINING TIP - BASE TRAINING  If due to work, family and life commitments you only have one day a week for a long ‘base’ ride do you stick to your base/Z2 training zone? . Or do you just count time in the saddle as base?  . Is that long group ride keeping to base or is it a half wheeling and KOM chasing free for all? . Before you go on that long group ride ask yourself how it’s normally ridden and what you want to achieve from a long ride, if it’s half wheeling ride and you want intensity go for it, but if you want proper base either ride on your own or find someone with similar fitness and objective for that ride. . 3 to 5hrs half wheeling and KOM chasing IS NOT BASE TRAINING, call it what it is which is speed play or fartlek training as the Swedish call it. . # training   # mentor   # olympian   # knowledge   # experience   # cycling   # cyclist # cyclinglife   # cycle   # ridelots


TRAINING TIP - FITNESS TESTING & RE-TESTING  . When fitness testing remember to keep to the same protocol not just on the day but the day’s leading up to it. So they are rested and recovered I think most people will test at the end of a recovery week, but from my experience I know my legs don’t feel that great after a real easy week until I’ve had a couple of days back training again, so the day before the test it maybe worth opening the legs up with some short sweetspot effo rts, the day before a race this is something I’d regularly do, so why not for a fitness test, because for both a test and a race you’re trying to get the best possible result for yourself. . Also don’t test if you’re ill and make sure you are fully recovered before attempting a test! . # knowledge   # experience   # training   # cycling   # cyclist   # cyclinglife   # ridelots


TRAINING TIP - RECOVERY RIDES AND THE EASY STUFF  . Make sure your recovery rides are recovery rides, zone 2 isn’t recovery just like tempo isn’t zone 2. If the easy stuff isn’t easy enough then you might not be able to make the hard stuff hard enough, just because you can ride harder doesn’t mean you should, look at what you have planned ahead and make good use of those recovery sessions so you get the most out of those hard sessions. . Remember tagging along on someone els e’s recovery or zone 2 ride doesn’t mean it’s going to be your recovery or zone 2 ride, if they have a higher fitness level than you their zone 2 ride might be your tempo. . # training   # knowledge   # experience   # cycling   # cyclist


TRAINING TIP - TRAINING IN YOUR TIME TRIAL POSITION . If you’re training on the turbo for the time trial season outside, your specific efforts need to be done in your TT position, this means that what ever fitness test you use to set your training zones should be done in the tribars and seated the whole way, NOT getting out of the saddle as the power drops to lift the watts. . When TT training on the turbo lyou should be training for the specifics of the event, so TT training should be done in the tribars and NOT be done on the TT base bar, NOT on your road bike in an upright road position and definitely NOT ridden out of the saddle for the whole of the effort. . Also don’t forget to train your neck muscles, on the turbo don’t be looking down at the floor the whole effort, place what ever you’re using to watch your power or heart rate out a metre or so in front of you at handlebar height, this will at least force you to look up occasionally! . #tr