TRAINING TIP - LONGEVITY  As I approach 60 I realise my fittest years are behind me, but I want to make the most of the fittest years I have left, which I want to make the most of, there are still things I want to do before I inevitably can’t, I know those fittest years I have left could be dictated by health issues, so it could be this year, in 5 or 15 years. Normally as a racer often that finish line can’t come soon enough, but now I want that finish line to be as far away as possible when it comes to the decline in my fitness and health. I’m already dealing with a couple of health issues for a few years now, autoimmune diseases, which I manage, but I’m used to managing health issues as I’ve had to manage a back issue my whole cycling career, Spondylolisthesis, so there’s already things I can’t do because of these but I work around them and do the things I can do. I’ve realised in the last couple of years just riding a bike isn’t great for my fitness longevity, I love being fit and t

Trained riders

Experience and knowledge. Adrian has trained riders across multiple disciplines, cyclocross, track, MTB, TT and road, using his experience and knowledge from over 40 years of cycling to help riders achieve….. National Championship wins. National Series wins. National Series overall wins.  Premier calendar wins. Tour series wins.  World Championship selection.  World Elite Duathlon win. Time trials pb’s, 10miles (under 20min) 25miles (under 50min) 50miles (under 1.50hr) Completing some of the toughest mountain Grand Fondos.

45 years of experience and knowledge

Adrian has 45 years of cycling experience and knowledge. Olympian at the 1984 Los Angles Olympic Games.  Tour de France finisher 1987. Competing across multiple disciplines, competing at level Elite for Great Britain in World Championships and World Cups on the track, MTB, cyclocross and road racing, winning National Championship medals in all those same disciplines.  Bike fitter with almost 20 years experience, fitting novice to para cyclists to World Tour riders, fitting tandem’s, gravel, MTB, road, tri/time trial, cyclocross and track bikes. Great Britain team manager at the 1996 and 1997 World MTB Championships and the 1998 Tour de l’Avenir France and England team manager at the Tour of Britain.  Great Britain MTB Team masseur/carer 2001-2002 at World Championships and World Cup. Trained riders to National Championships and National Series wins, PB’s at 10 (under 20min) ,25 (under 50min) and 50 (under 1.50hr) mile time trials, to GB World Championship selection, completing the toug


I met Adrian a few years ago but feel compelled to write a review based on what I've seen someone write recently questioning his knowledge and experience.     Something I completely disagree with. I first heard about Adrian through a friend and was at first reluctant to meet but all that anxiety was unfounded with utter professionalism, dedication and knowledge to provide a first class exemplary service to a social cyclist with a view to improving my performance and what a difference it made.    For anyone out there, no matter what your experience or performance levels a bike fit with Adrian is worth every penny. Giles C #training #coaching #knowledge #experience #leglength #varus #valgus #bikefitting #bikefit #road #sportive #grandfondo #aero #tt #timetrial #triathlon #custom #cycling #cleats #footbeds #sidas    #smartbike #smarttrainer @adrian_timmis @cadence_sport @sidasyourfootcompany @sidasuk @sellesmpofficial #BartonUnderNeedwood


  I returned to Adrian this summer for the third bike fit, as I'd bought a TT bike and was struggling to get myself in the right place from a comfort and power output point of view. As with my other two fits, Adrian put me in exactly the right spot for my event requirements. He's an absolute master - I'd 100% recommend him if you're in need of a fit. Along side the bike fit expertise, Adrian always shares from his cast knowledge of training and competing. I always walk away with something to think about or act on. Jonathan K #training #coaching #knowledge #experience #leglength #varus #valgus #bikefitting #bikefit #road #sportive #grandfondo #aero #tt #timetrial #triathlon #custom #cycling #cleats #footbeds #sidas    #smartbike #smarttrainer @adrian_timmis @cadence_sport @sidasyourfootcompany @sidasuk @sellesmpofficial #BartonUnderNeedwood


Just wanted to say thanks Ade for helping me find the correct position on my new TT bike this year. The results since I came to you in the summer have been excellent. The hip pain has gone and both power numbers and times have improved. It amazing the difference those small changes we tested made and I now feel at one with the bike. Its interesting to looking at my best power numbers on a graph this season and the upward trend since my bike fit @cadenceSport. Looking forward now to my last couple of races before the winter training begins and next year targeting the BAR once again now my hip and position seems to be sorted, thanks once again Alastair : )


Excellent service provided by Adrian. In June I took my most recent machine to Ade for a bike fit. This isn't the first occasion either. A different bike with different geometry meant a new fit was needed. I'd also been experiencing knee pain for a while. As per my previous bike fit Adrian took his time and set the bike up for me. Not huge changes, seat post height, saddle adjusted, brake hoods moved (Adrian's pet hate). He didn't need to adjust my shoe cleats as I've kept them as per the previous bike fit I'd had. Adrian explained the knee pain was probably due to the seat post being too low. I'd lost the figures from my previous fit so guessed. It transpired it was 12mm too low! Within a few days I was on a cycling holiday in France. I cycled every day on some steep gradients and long climbs (850m height gain in a single climb). Out of 12 possible riding days I rode 11, several hours per day i missed one due to 50mph gusts of wind during the first week. Al


 Despite cycling for over 30 years I never thought I really needed a bike fit! However after hitting the ripe old age of 50 I started to feel the aches & pains after long rides and decided I needed to review my set up, positioning etc… Lots of people recommended Adrian and luckily for me he is based just 30 mins down the road. The session was easily booked online and he managed to see me in just a couple of weeks. The session was great and to a cycling fan like me, really interesting. Adrian was brilliant , talking me through the session and explaining why certain things were so important. The bike was soon set up and he also sorted my shoe cleats too - something I always find tricky! Since the fitting, I am not only more comfortable on the bike but also my performance has improved too. Worth also mentioning that I have also used Adrian to service my main road bike given I trust him so much. All in all, I couldn’t recommend Adrian high enough. Not only is he a great professional bu


 BIKEFITTING FEEDBACK  Some nice short and sweet feedback. Thanks Adrian for helping me cycle comfortably for 6 hours on a bike I could barely ride on for 1 hour previously! :-) Julie W


World Tour Pro Alice Towers, former National Road Race Champion, @wmncycling Canyon SRAM, 9 years after her first bike fit with me came in earlier in the year ahead of the Le Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift for a TT bike fit and Sidas custom footbeds.


Over the last 10 years I have had 3 fittings from Adrian as I have got new bikes, become slimmer, older, stiffer. They have all been excellent. Adrian has a wealth of knowledge to share and does so generously. Not only does he fit the bike to you for the riding you want but he advises of how to hold the bars, where to place your hands for comfort and safety, etc. I have no hesitation in recommending him whether you are a national level racer or a weekend rider. Chris


 Hi Adrian,  I had a bike fitting with you late last year as a last resort to sort out a long standing ITB problem. Been meaning to drop you a line to say a big thank you. The ITB virtually disappeared overnight once you'd fitted the footbeds and shims to my shoes so I can't thank you enough.  My position on the bike (although not far removed from my previous) is also much comfier than before so another job well done.  Needless to say, your service is highly recommended to anyone that will listen to me! Regards, Pete