Bike fit feedback

Bike fit feedback
This was someone who'd had their saddle too low for 2-3 years by 3cm, he was for ever tinkering with his position by a few mm here and there, forever shuffling around in the saddle trying to find somewhere comfy to sit, wanting to try different saddles, but he was so far out a few mm here and there would have made no difference what so ever. By the way we adjusted the angle of his drops and brakelevers separately.

Hi Adrian What can I say – wow!

We did a super hilly ride today with 7K ft climbing in 50 miles including hardknott (>30%), wyrnose (25%) and a few others

My backside was locked to the saddle, no shuffling whatsoever and far more comfortable! 

Power improvement is just incredible – I did wyrnose totally seated and only got out of the saddle for a portion of hardknott, my mates were absolutely astonished as they were out of the saddle pretty much all the way

My legs feel no pain whatsoever, I can feel they’re slightly tired but absolutely nothing like before, I would have been in pieces previously I think this will be a massive improvement for me, thanks and well done!

 All the best John


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Bike fit feedback - Bike Fit or New Bike or Surgery