Bike fit feedback - simple changes

Bike Fit-simple changes
Simple changes


I came to see you about 4 weeks ago to have a fit for my Specialized race bike. At the time I was amazed how a simple change to the handlebars altered the whole feel of the bike and eradicated that overstretched feeling when in the drops. You also made some big changes to the saddle height and stem length which just added a more comfortable level of the bike.

I have been out and about and raced quite a bit since then and cannot believe how comfortable everything feels. It really feels as though I am riding “with” the bike rather than “on” it. I always thought that race spec bikes were meant to be uncomfortable and built for speed not comfort. Your fit has completely altered my ride. I can’t get out enough now and have really begun to experience the joy of longer distance rides without the discomfort and aching.

The muscle groups used for the pedalling action were all wrong due to my attempts at fitting the bike using internet guides and hearsay. All the work was being done by the front thigh and this lead to fatigue when trying to break or go with breaks. Your fit has moved this more to the Glutes, hip and core muscles. The change took a bit of getting used to at first and there was a definite drop in power, however now I’m 4 weeks into the power has come back and some. I’m spending more time on the bike due to the feel and new comfort levels which is boosting my performance. Power has returned and is continuing to grow past my previous level. At the time you said expect to see a 10% to 15% increase, and I think that is now beginning to happen. 

The foot-beds have also made a difference to my shoes. I bought top end Sidi Ergo 2 thinking that would give me all the comfort and support I would need. I used to suffer some numbness in my second toe on both feet when out on the 100 milers, but the new foot-beds have solved that issue and the shoes now feel like putting on a pair of trusty old trainers. When you add all this up, the bike fit and the foot-beds; my ride has been completely transformed, I can’t stop grinning when I take the bike out of the shed for a ride because I now know what ride I’m in for.

Many thanks for this.

I have ordered a new bike and a second frame so will be booking further appointments with you to fit onto these as I now realise the value of a professional fit. It is such a small price to pay for the benefits that I have experienced.



Cat 2 racer.


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