Bike fit feedback - Saddle shuffling revelation and broken leg

Saddle shuffling revelation and broken leg
Just a note this guy had broke his leg as a teenager, which had to be re broken as it had heal incorrectly and hadn't realised it had left his leg shorter.

Hi Adrian

Thanks for doing the bike fit last Thursday - finding out one leg was
shorter than the other was probably the most surprising outcome, but
the whole experience was excellent.

I finally got round to getting a decent ride in on Saturday, only 50k,
but I couldn't believe how different (and more enjoyable) the ride

Unlike previous rides, it was comfortable to ride on the hoods and I
spent pretty much the entire ride, in and out of the saddle, with my
hands there - result! As we discussed on Thursday, I do think I need
to change the bars to compact, the extra padding you put under the
hoods helped a lot, but I can see how getting better bars will make
the riding experience even better.

The changes to the saddle position were also spot on - that moment
when I realised that I wasn't continually shuffling around o
saddle was a revelation.

Once again, thanks very much for sorting me out.




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