Bike fit feedback - pain relief

Bike fitting pain relief
Hi Adrian

I just wanted to give you an update on how I've been getting on following my bike fit a few weeks ago.  

I mentioned at the time that I was training towards the Tour of Wessex multi-day sportive. Since we met I have been doing 3-4 hour rides and started to put back to back rides together on weekends. I am pleased to say I have had none of the pains that affected me before, no issues with hand/wrist ache and even more of a relief, no back problems at all. I have even managed to swap to wider bars and replicate the position again following your advice.

So, I just wanted thanks again for the fit and the other tips/advice you gave, it was worth every penny. I have been singing your praises wherever I can too!

I hope your own training is going well.




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Bike fit feedback - Bike Fit or New Bike or Surgery