Bike Fit feedback - the little things

Bike Fit - the little things
The little things

Dear Adrian

It was a pleasure to meet you on Friday.

I raved to my dad about the bike fit session, so I think he might look to pay you a visit at some point.

I went for a 20 mile ride on Saturday. The difference was amazing. The ride felt comfortable, I felt that I was sitting ‘in’ the saddle rather than on it and I had no upper body movement. The best bit was that I had no knee pain or feeling of strain in the joint. Everything felt aligned and it just felt natural and solid.

I wish I had ridden the bike with my own set-up first because I think I would have appreciated the difference even more. I now appreciate though, the difference that all the little things can make once they are put together. The footbeds, despite feeling tight when first fitted, now fit perfectly. There is no movement in my shoe (there was plenty before) and it now feels as though all my energy goes through the pedal. And, now I have become used to the sensation, my feet feel much more comfortable.

I would certainly tell anyone to get properly fitted having now felt the huge difference it makes.

Many thanks for your help and patience finding an appointment.

Kind regards



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