Bike fit feedback - Bike fitting grin :)

Bike fitting grin :)

Hi Adrian,

Thank you for the video and apologies for not getting back to you sooner. The weather had not been very conducive for riding my new bike and trying the new adjusted fit. Until a couple of weeks ago when I took the bike out for the first time - and I have been out on it twice since then (it is my nice weather Sunday bike...).

The difference I feel on that bike is amazing and it feels that it fits like a  glove. I always enjoyed cycling since I bought my first bike - but now I am really, really loving it. Thank you for your time and input.

People have also commented how good and comfortable I look on the bike and even on the drops. And it feels extremely comfortable and that I can exert more energy through the bike. No niggles and no pains in any ligaments or joints. My legs initially felt a little more tired after the rides (more so than on my old bike) - that is probably because I (a) use them differently and (b) I feel more confident in riding the bike as it feels right. And it is getting better.

The difference between the factory settings and my settings are very marked and I have adjusted my old bike as much as I can to make it fit more to the settins you have given me.

If I wanted a new saddle for my Ridley bike would it be ok to get it fitted by yourself?

Thank you again for your help and for making me now  a cyclist who cannot stop grinning from ear to ear when she is out riding her bike and who overall feels more confident and settled on a bike than she ever thought imaginable.

Have a great time in Italy!

A presto,


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