Bike fit feedback - Bike Fit or New Bike or Surgery

Bike Fit or New Bike or Surgery
Bike Fit or New Bike or Surgery

Dear Adrian

Thank you very much for my bike fit last friday, despite your  
shoulder troubles. My hope from a bike fit was to reduce the  
stress that my unstable wrists were under and hopefully negate  
the need for surgery in the future The early results of the bike  
fit have far surpassed any expectation and I only wish that I had  
seen you some 5 years earlier. I have now been out on 3 separate  
occasions since last friday. One long slog in the Pennines, an  
hours full speed blast and a long easy spin. During and since  
these outings I have not experienced any wrist, neck or shoulder  
pains; all of which I would have normally experienced- up to  
the day of the consultation.

Previous advice from a bike shop had led me to believe the frame  
I have was too big for me and suggested I have my saddle in a  
maximum fore position. This led to negative feelings about the  
bike and a desire for a new frame. The fact that the bike handled  
like a nervous stallion due to the weight distribution added to  
the desire to buy a new frame. Now that the fit has been  
perfected the bike handles like I imagine it was designed to do.  
I no longer feel I am about to be thrown of on fast descents and  
fast cornering now raises a smile rather than a grimace! The  
position of the saddle now feels like I can transmit more force  
throughout the bottom stroke of the crank. Already this has  
improved my climbing on stable gradients. Still found the steep  
stuff as painful! It actually feels like I have a new bike. Being  
a physio and having read some literature on bike fit I thought I  
would not of been so far out with my position but I suppose that  
is good evidence that you can't fit yourself.

Thanks again for your time and I hope you are recovering well  
from the surgery.

Richard L


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