BIKEFITTING FEEDBACK - Comfortable and rewarding

Hi Adrian 

I just wanted to feedback my thanks for all the improvements you made to me and my bike following my fit on the 23rd June

You know most of what I am going to say already but here goes anyway: 

My riding is now more comfortable and rewarding and just feels right, previously I was loosing power due to poor set up (around  20%  you considered),  my speeds and effort levels over similar routes since have shown this to be correct with corresponding   improvement in speed and estimated power increases. 

I now practice  daily my single leg squats where I was unstable I am now not. 
I  have relaxed my shoulders and no longer ride with my arms locked but rising with effort. 
I  have tucked my fingers around brakes
I am pushing with my feet and concentrating on this (no toe curling)
I am spinning my higher gears  and stopping in them longer by standing especially after bends junctions etc.  (You taught me to do this without trying by making me spin the pedals standing up before sitting down as you made adjustments at the fit, I have now taken this into my riding rather than changing down gears as often) 

I am so grateful for the alterations you made and all the tips you gave me.

Prior to my fit getting out the saddle was like tying to get off a sofa now it is fine and I just want to keep the power going where  before it just drained away and I lost momentum 

I   also researched my frame size which you considered was too small. It turns out it is a  58cm and not available any larger  so although next time I may look to a bigger frame I am  not as disheartened as I was  initially went I thought my bikes too small! My wife did laugh at me on my return when I told her your initial thoughts were that my bike was too small but at least I had good arches! 

I  finished reading the Field of Fire,  you were right it was a good read.  I did this on holiday a few weeks ago in Wales where I took my bike as I just want to keep riding. I only rode it twice due to the poor surfaces around where we stayed in New Quay  (perhaps I should have took the MTB!) But I did do a coupe of rides as once on the larger roads (all relative) the surfaces are fantastic. One was a 48 mile loop to Lampeter  which I enjoyed despite the heat, but I really would have struggled with this given the hills if I had not had my fit with you a few weeks before. 

So thanks again for everything you did and your time it was It was a pleasure to meet you I will forever be grateful to you for the improvements you have made to me and my bike.

I will certainly be recommended your services to others, who will appreciate the talent and experience you can bring to them.  If I get another bike I will also return for another fitting.   

You did leave me with one dilemma as a result of such a good experience...this  is now starting to press a little  as the nights are pulling in....  either to get a winter bike or a smart trainer and zwift?  I am tempted by the latter given I can always use my MTB and road when not too mucky given my limited access to day light hours over the winter I can therefore see Zwift working better for me. 
Congratulations also for your first real road ride as  family with your daughter, I hope t do the same with mine one day. 

Wishing you and your family all the very best for further cycling adventures. 

Many thanks for everything again.



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