Bike fit feedback - foot/toe issues

Bike fitting - feedback, foot/toe issues
Hi Adrian,

Chris here from Sheffield, i came in to see you the other week about a problem with a pain in my toe that I had had for a while now.

After having a better look you cut a hole in my footbeds to try and take the pressure off that area. Anyway just wanted to give you a quick update.

The results have been fantastic, I have gone from been in pain for 90% of a ride to been pain free for 90% of the ride, so a huge improvement. I have been able to increase my distance and today was the first day I enjoyed a ride in almost a year. The bike fit is perfect and I had almost forgotten how amazing it is to ride in the peak district.

I will take what we did to my insoles to my podiatrist next month and see if we can transfer it across to my regular shoes as well.

Il keep you posted on how I get on, but just wanted to say thanks for your help, I know it was an unusual one but I think if you saw anyone else with a similar problem in the future you would be able to help them too.

All the best



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