Bike fit feedback - Bike Fitting pays for itself

Bike Fitting pays for itself
Pays for itself
Hi Adrian,

It was a pleasure to meet you recently.

The purpose of the bike fit was to attempt to reduce discomfort in shoulders, neck, knees and wrists and to generally try to feel better on the bike.

Since having the fit I’ve now been out on the bike on 5 separate occasions for 20 – 30 miles at a time and including a 60 mile overnighter in the rain. During those rides the lack of discomfort has been really very noticeable. 

Also evident is how much easier it has been getting up some of the hills. Not the big ones of course, I’ll either need some lower gears on r some bigger legs to cope with those!

Before the bike fit I hadn’t even considjered the use of footbeds but these appear to have also made a difference, I now feel properly connected with the pedals. In fact, as a result of the fitting I feel better connected with the whole bike.

It’s now clear to me that previously being in the wrong position was, in addition to marring my enjoyment of riding a bike, actually causing muscle and joint problems.

I visited my physio today and he couldn’t believe the difference in just a few weeks. It’s actually at the point where he said I don’t need to see him anymore so the cost of the bike fit will have paid for itself in a few weeks.

I can honestly say that my expectations have been surpassed and by a huge margin and having now experienced the benefits, I’d recommend to anyone, regardless of their cycling experience to get properly fitted.

Thanks again for your time and best of luck with the new shop.

Very Best Regards,



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