BIKEFITTING FEEDBACK - 'When something is right you don't notice, it just works'


Hope you're well.

I've finally got round to some bike fit feedback:

"With the Dirty Reiver fast approaching and unable to ride for more than
three hours comfortably it was time to consult an expert!

Post bike fit the improvement was instant; not only pain free riding but
much improved bike handling so with some big rides under my belt the day
of reckoning soon rolled around.

When something isn't right you soon know about it but when something is
right you don't notice, it just works. By halfway through the Reiver I
was looking at the riders around me; almost all were fidgeting,
stretching and obviously not comfortable. Meanwhile I had no discomfort
(apart from my legs telling me they wished I'd done more training!)

A bike fit with Adrian isn't just a bike fit. As well as getting your
set up sorted it's a great opportunity to draw on his experience and
expertise with training and event preparation. An experience I would
recommend without hesitation."

Thanks for all your help (I couldn't have completed the Reiver without

Best wishes,


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